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Inventory Control Products
SupplyLogicTM Inventory Control Products are part of ComputerLogic’s enterprise architecture that paints a long-term picture of highly interconnected ComputerLogic and customer systems. With Internet bandwidth expanding daily, we will see improved wireless applications and richer user experiences. Customers are telling us they need wireless solutions today to support their business applications such as product procurement and inventory management. ComputerLogic's technology leverages today's wireless networks to meet these needs. SupplyLogic gives all parties involved a competitive edge over current inventory methods by increasing overall operating productivity and efficiency. It is a business-to-business eCommerce solution that uses an existing communications infrastructure, the Internet, to streamline the cost intensive inventory replenishment process.

Customer Order Power - In Your Pocket
SupplyLogic is a leading product helping to change and improve the procurement processes between trading partners throughout the collision repair industry. It was designed and developed with the needs of the paint and supply manufacturers and distributors at the forefront. SupplyLogic is built not only from the knowledge and experience of ComputerLogic, but also from the knowledge and experience gained from listening to our industry customers the past two decades.

SupplyLogic is the most efficient and effective purchasing method in the collision repair market today. Utilizing advanced technology on the time-tested and reliable PocketPC® platform, the benefits and cost savings are numerous. Distribution sales representatives now have the capability to drastically cut their order-taking time at the shop. They can increase their productivity and number of locations visited per day. This end-to-end solution eliminates data entry errors at multiple touch points. And now, with SupplyLogic, customer orders can be sent and received wirelessly, instantly, and securely -- directly from the sales representatives' hands!

Orders are handled quickly and securely by XchangeLogic, which manages, transforms, and transfers them to suppliers. With automatic order queuing, resending, error handling and alerts, we ensure each order placed is never lost or delayed. And confirmation messages can be automatically sent to a central supplier contact or to individual sales representatives to keep everyone informed of order status and activity.

Integrating the ordering process into both the repair shop and the supplier's existing system is a win-win solution. For each party involved, the advantages of SupplyLogic are clear.

For the Collision Repair Facility:
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower inventory investment
  • Eliminate overstocks and stock-outs
  • Monitor inventory levels at all times
  • Automate manual processes
  • Decrease human error
  • Reduce administrative cost
  • Track back orders
  • View purchasing history
For the Automotive Supplier:
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Decrease inventory investment
  • Reduce number of deliveries
  • Track backorders
  • Avoid backorder duplication
  • View purchasing history
Tight economic times require belt-tightening and cost-saving measures to improve the bottom line. SupplyLogic is the right answer at the right time. Put the "Customer Order Power" in your sales representatives' pocket today. Let ComputerLogic show you how to use technology to increase efficiency and lower costs!

For more information on SupplyLogic or any other ComputerLogic product or service, contact Sales at 800.933.6564 or eMail at sales@computerlogic.com.

Features and Benefits
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