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Paint Formula Lookup for Windows

ComputerLogic® introduces its newest paint formula retrieval and mixing software, MixLogic.

MixLogic is extremely user-friendly!  It utilizes easy to understand icons, texts and graphics to assist a painter accurately retrieve paint formula information, as well as document the mix.

MixLogic was developed with Microsoft® .NET technology to allow Automotive Refinish Manufacturer’s the flexibility of distributing their color information “Online” (Internet/browser-based version), “Offline” (Windows®-based version) or both.  Thus, making microfiche obsolete!

MixLogic features include:

  • Ability to search color by Mfg. Code, Vehicle Color Code, Formula Number, Fleet Name or Competitor; and the ability to lookup Undercoats and Clearcoats
  • Ability to save and review Custom Formulas
  • Ability to view up to 4 Alternate Formulas on one screen
  • Management Reports including VOC / HAPS, Costs by RO, Paint Usage and Mixer Productivity
  • Reference Materials include: Color Compatibility Guide, MSDS, PDS, Repair Steps and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Scale interfaces for Mettler PS7-X, Sartorius ColorMix, EcoMix and SpeedMix
Value Proposition

To Repair Shops:

  • Provides an affordable, simple and easy-to-use computerized paint formula retrieval and mixing system
  • Eliminates cumbersome and unorganized microfiche
  • Prints paint formula labels and management reports
  • Saves custom formulas for later use
  • Compatible with low cost mixing scales and printers
  • Toll-free customer support and monthly color updates
To Paint Manufacturers and Reps:
  • Microsoft® .NET provides flexibility of an “Online” or “Offline” affordable, simple and easy-to-use computerized paint formula retrieval and mixing system
  • Eliminates costs associated with managing and distributing microfiche updates
  • MixLogic software works on existing computer(s) or low cost generics; as well as low cost scales and printers
  • Toll-free customer support and monthly updates are provided to the end-users
For information call  800.933.6564, Option #6

System Requirements

Computer/Processor: Intel Pentium class, 366MHz or higher

Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, with the latest Windows service pack and critical updates available from Microsoft Security Web page
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home/XP Professional
  • Windows 98 (2nd Edition)
Minimum RAM Requirements: 128 MB (256 MB recommended)

Hard Disk
Free Hard disk space: 650 MB
Hard disk space required to install: 500 MB

Video: 800x600, True color (24-bit or 32 bit); 640x480, 256 colors (For ColorMix Scale)

Browser Versions
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or later is required. Install will upgrade.

Other Additional Software Components
  • Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6 is required (Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7 is recommended). Install will add or upgrade.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader v4.05 is required. Install will add or upgrade.
  • .NET Framework Install will add or upgrade.
Weighing Solution Options
  • Mettler PS7-X
  • Sartorious ColorMix
  • Dumb Scale Functionality available.
Printer Options
  • DYMO Printer
  • HP Inkjet and Laser
  • Panasonic Dot Matrix
For more information on MixLogic or any other ComputerLogic product or service, contact Sales at 800.933.6564 or eMail at sales@computerlogic.com.
Microsoft and Microsoft Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.



System Requirements