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Email Marketing Management
Email Campaigns
Customer Share Marketing

ComputerLogic offers email campaign management services.

Why Email marketing campaigns? Retention. And email is the method of choice to make it happen.

If you go back in time to the general store and beyond, advertising starts with selling products one-to-one. This marketing model, or marketing in general, has evolved with technology -- technology meaning radio, broadcast media, and television -- to a one-to-many model with mass marketing. Now, with the web and Email, we're coming full circle back to a one-to-one orientation. With Email campaigns, you start with your core customers that you have a relationship with and then go out from there. Building business from the core out. It's really no different than the airlines' frequent flier model that was established a long time ago. The airlines have been one industry that has understood the web and especially Email in the sense of not just doing sales pitches but building customer relationships. Conceptually, that's what customer share marketing is all about. It's about a quid pro quo relationship.

Paint and supply distribution companies are vertical entities that have a lot of loyal customers. For the most part, these customers are anonymous people and the only way to communicate with them is by spending huge sums of money. Enter Email and enter the web. Combine those two interactive elements, and for the first time ever we have a marketing combination that offers a practical way of truly talking one-on-one with a customer. Talking about what their preferences are, about what they want to do and buy, and we're able to execute on segmentation and one-to-one relationship building for the first time ever.

ComputerLogic can help your company build on its long-standing business relationships. We help you focus and create actionable Email marketing plans that attack the customers already acquired and strategically cross-sell them into other relevant products. ComputerLogic is ready today to show your company how to utilize Email to maximize your customer share marketing.