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ComputerLogic.com Legal Information
The information provided in this document is for the information and review of all ComputerLogic.com users. Failure to comply with guidelines may result in legal action against the offender.
ComputerLogic.com - Privacy Policy
ComputerLogic endorses and will adhere to the five Collision Industry Conference (CIC) “Collision Industry Data Protection and Sharing Golden Rules”
1) We will only use your data for the services that were intended for this data to be used for. We will never collect or use your data for business purposes other than what was expressly intended and permitted by you.
2) We will strive to always provide you clarity, transparency and continuing education on the data that we collect and the business purposes for which it is being used.
3) We will never misappropriate your data or knowingly allow any third party to covertly, dishonestly or unfairly access or misappropriate your data for their own use.
4) We will provide you the opportunity to determine what data, if any, you would like to share with any third party and the opportunity to opt-out of data collection outside of its primary intended purpose.
5) We will provide you with a straightforward process to inquire about data that has been collected from your business and the immediate chain of custody that data has encountered.

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